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Zombies Playing Games

Zombies Playing Games

If you walk around the city around you notice people walking around, looking at their phones and not paying attention to the world around them, most likely it comes to new players megapopulare games Pokemon Go. The game is for only a few days of appearances to conquer the world.

Teenagers and those a bit older from around the world have become Pokemon trainers thanks to the game Pokemon Go, which has risen almost forgotten Pokemon - little creatures with different powers that are about 15 years ago was the characters of one of the most popular cartoon series.

The company Niantic made a Pokemon GO, AR game (augmented-reality) for Android and iOS devices, which allows the pokemoni caught in the "real" world.

Since the phone you install an application, the smartphone via GPS devices projecting your real environment where the hide virtual pokemoni. Every step is visible and is monitored on the screen, and the game begins when you start to catch Pokémon.

They will appear in your vicinity (of course only on the smartphone) or you will physically have to come to a place in an environment where you can Pokemon appeared. This means that if at some point the phone told that in your village next to the bench appeared PIKAC, you have to go there to catch him.

When you arrive at a place where Pokemon is you have to focus the phone to him. Then will light cameras that will show the real environment, but will be on the screen and Pokemon which you need to capture the precise throwing poke-ball. Of course, the goal is to assemble all.

Once you have collected enough pokemona you can fight in the halls to which also you have to physically reach. These are usually prominent buildings or places in which gathers more people, such as squares. Here you have to fight through to win Pokémon another player who has previously held "hall".

In less than 24 hours since launch, this game has become the most popular applications in the world.

Being a Pokemon trainer - a dangerous game

Game sounds very fun, but the problems of playing in the real world have already started to appear. Millions around the world who who roam the streets began to cause problems at every turn. One Pokemon master from the United States caused a crash on the highway since stopped abruptly to catch Pokémon that spotted. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident.

The incident occurred, and in Missouri where the robbers decided to use the game as a tool. Using geolocation possibilities could anticipate the city or the level of isolation of victims. As in the game there is the possibility of attracting a number of other players, they used it to entice their victims to an isolated place where they could more easily robbed. You can always go back to roots and play pokemon leaf green, you can get it on http://pokemonleafgreenrom.com.

On the other hand, the positive consequences of this mania are what users have to walk around to make anything and it is for the health of a lot better than staring at smartphone in a chair or couch.

From an economic standpoint, it is good that the actions of Nintendo jumped a whopping 25 percent, thanks to this game.

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